Ordering Honey Bee Products

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You can order Honey Bee by mail, by phone or web.

If ordering by phone:

Please have your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card ready and call 407-238-1375 or toll free at 877-775-2339. Please be advised all charges on your card will appear on your bill as Honey Bee. On phone orders, we ship the same day, if possible.

If ordering via mail: Print our order form off (click here to access) and completely fill out the form. Please include your check or money order and mail it into us. Also, double check your form before sending it in. If the form is not properly filled out, this may result in delays in processing and order fulfillment.

Are you unhappy with your purchase? Here's our refund policy: We stand behind our product 100% so if you would like a refund, please send in the product to the address listed on the jar. Please include a copy of your receipt to expedite a refund and a phone number for us to contact you if we have any questions. Allow 30 days for us to process your refund, unless by check, which may require more time. Thank you for your understanding!

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